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So....word of warning. When getting injections for lizards, cats and maybe other types of animals, ask if the injection can be given anywhere else. Either lower on the leg or elsewhere on the body. I may not be right about this, but I think it's more than a coincidence.

Reason vets give shots on the lower part of the legs, is like you said. If an animal has a reaction to say a vaccine or having reactions much like here, then it is easier to amputate a leg when it is not in an area that hinders a surgery.

Also, vaccines are given in certain areas of the body in order to keep an eye on reactions. If they see a reaction on a certain part of the body, a vet can say "OK, this was caused by the rabies shot" or whatever the case may be. Many vets do not use this method, but it is generally accepted by most to administer shots in given areas.

Also, if your getting your animals vaccines or shots for others reasons, you just have to understand that there is a risk still involved. Although the chances of seeing problems like this are low. I believe ICULIZARD has had a bit of bad luck in this area as it seems. Yet, out of the thousands of shots given, there are just a fraction of these problems that arise. This is also dependent on what was given, how often and how it was administered.

The vet did not know the cat's history of repeated injections of prednisone for a skin problem before she said this...a bone biopsy will be done next week just to make sure that nothing else can be done.
I do not see how the doc did not know? Anytime a person sees a vet, they are generally questioned by a nurse to get a basic overall history and for a general idea of why you are coming in. This is what gives the doc an idea of where to start when they see your pet.

Anyhow...your apparent problems do suck, and hope they work out as best they can for all involved.
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