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Retic chic: I am inclined to agree with you. That is one of the reasons why I asked CanWest about a reptile show ie: a show of reptiles only. I was at the Expo with 3 kids under 8 and I wouldn't let them touch the herps if they had been handling the fuzzy critters. In my house, we do have an assortment of animals, including prey type, but we try to keep them seperated as much as possible. My 8yr old son is well aware of the rules that you are not allowed to handle the snakes if you have been petting or holding one of the other animals. You must always wash hands and if possible, don't even wear the same clothes. I love my pets, but the health and safety of people in my house comes first!

As for a reptile show, I would still love to see one! I think the educational possibilies are great and on top of that, I would love the opportunity to see and experience a variety of reptiles. Greedy of me, I know
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