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Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay vs. Long Island = Islanders in 5
Boston vs. Montreal = Boston in 6 (I hate them both)
Philly vs. New Jersey = Jersey in 7 (I wish they were both playing different teams and both got eliminated 1st round, I say Jersey cause brodeurs a damn good Goalie)
Toronto vs. Ottawa = Toronto in 6 or 5 if Crusty errrrr Alfredsson gets hurt GO LEAFS GO!!! I wish I was allowed to say what i trully feel about the Sens but theres rules on this board :P

Western Conference

Detroit vs. Nashville = Detroit in 5, I can't believe people think Nashville will beat them, Oh yea and Cujo SUCKS
San Jose vs. St. Louis = St Louis in 7
Vancouver vs. Calgary = Vancouver in 6
Colorado vs. Dallas = Dallas in 6

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