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Ever seen some of the prospects the Leafs have in St. Johns?? Heard of a guy named Mikeal Tellqvist?? Trevor Kidd?? His contract is up at the end of this season, he wont be back.. But incase you forgot, he was in net for one of Toronto's 4 wins over Ottawa this year.. LOL.. Where will i be when some of the players retire, still watching a team beat Ottawa in the playoffs.. And actually, The sens made it to what?? The conference finals?? Wow, so did Toronto a couple years ago, and lost to Carolina, or do you not remember that?? I know i do, cause they put out Ottawa to get there..

I hope Ottawa isn't banking on Ray Emry as being the goalie of the future, he's good with his fists, but did you see the 5-hole on that guy??? LMAO
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