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Originally posted by pikachu
are there any absesses on her belly or rest of her body?
its rarely caked on poop that will smell if its dried however a badly infected absess absolutely stinks! enough to make you gag for sure.
ive taken care of a few cast offs that had scale rot on their bellies seemingly from burns that were all severely infected. the wet conditions i recieved certainly didnt help. after cleaning up the wounds the animals, with dampish sphagnum moss under their hide spot and the rest newspaper, they healed very well with regular care. hope this isnt the case, if it is just poop, a little very mild soap and water should help.
the eye may be a retained cap or results from low humidity
Other than being a little underweight and really dry I can't see anything wrong with the skin. She just really stinks like, well poop. What type of soap could I use? Could it be anti-bacterial? She came out of the hide box today, crawled around a bit and then went and hid again. But at least she's more active.

Coy, what does pedialight do?
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