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The best thing to do is find a snake that appeals to you. Snakes live a long time and if you get one that you're not really going to enjoy but got it because it was easy to care for then that won't work. I know if I started with a corn I would probably pay attentiont to it just until I got my next snake. (which is why I don't have one) Like a couple people have said, there are many snakes that will be a good starter. The best thing to do is look at everything in a whole. What do I like, what is my budget, what is easy to care for. Then find a snake that suits your needs so that you know you can properly care for it.

Just for the record though, although out of my six BP's not one has gone off food for more than a week, I would reccomend a California Kingsnake. I just got my first one two weeks ago. Out of ALL the snakes in my reptile room, he is my favourite!!
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