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Ah, the NHL playoffs. Time for hockey fans across the country to get their blinders on full force (yes, that includes TO fans, too).
Here's what mine says:
No team in the NHL, NFL, NBA and even the the MLB can match the Canucks awsome speed, goal scoring prowess, defensive responsibility, and all around gutsiness. We will see incredible resolve from a team that has gone through an unbeleivable amount of turmoil this season, only to top it off with an inspiring fight to take over the top spot in their division in the last game of the regular season. The presence, even the mere thought of Big Bert in the lockerroom will be all that the Canucks need to take it all the way this year. The only picture I can see in my head is of Trevor Linden hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head, only to have the top of the trophy fall off. Haaaa Haaaa!!!
Good Luck to all the Canadian teams. Except for Calgary of course.
My prediction: Oil in seven! Oops.

Lonely Canucks fan in Montreal.
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