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Yeah .. Domi deserves it and more. Alfies hit was the much cleaner than most of Toronto's hits. Havlats hit was unjust, but if it happened to a Toronto guy it would be great. Martin took 100% responsibility for the game 6-0, and as for the flu, let's see your team win with 4 people on the bench. I mean, you arent even have reasonable arguements again what is being said.
Marchmant is suck a dirty hockey player ... i mean I am surprised he isnt getting called for charging all the time.
And you wanna talk about hit, Domi, with 5 seconds left, punching van Allen in the face when he was recovering from jaw surgery. Or how about tucker jumping into the Ottawa bench, or Domi punching Adverson from behind in the same game.

And matt, never seen anyone so passionate about a crappy team (LMAO LOL)

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