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The Traveling Frog - Part 1

Well, it is that time of year again, time to hit the field and do some traveling. This year, I have a new herping buddy ............. The Traveling Frog. He is a little quiet, but always ready for an adventure. He didn't complain once about being lost and never had to stop to go the bathroom. The first leg of the trip, he just mainly waited patiently in the car while I took care of a few things in Savannah, GA. But he did get to stretch his legs on the way back.

First we dropped by Crystal Lake to get some pics of the Black Headed Vultures. He is such a "ham" on camera

He did see a couple sliders in the swamp area there, but he couldn't catch up. He doesn't seem to look too disappointed.......

After alot of backroads and alot of trash and tin, he ran into an old buddy....

Finally, we had to stop for food. He was a big hit at the Diner. The waitresses even put their teeth in to make a good impression for him. He was almost settled on an omlet, when he saw Frog Legs and passed out. He woke back up by the time we got home.

This little guy still needs a good name. Any suggestions?

Stay tuned ................. :P

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