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Spezza's a 3rd Line Center (if he's playing on the 4th line, that's a shame) and oh yeah, he's hurt.. but okay.. As for Belak and Domi... Well, Belak is suspended and wont and wouldnt be playing the playoffs anyway.. And once Tucker comes back, you can say bye to Domi.. I'll give Ottawa credit, they have a good team, they have a lot of fire power.. But look at what happened on Saturday, they lack heart.. Remember a couple months ago when Ottawa was winning 4-0 and Toronto came back and won 5-4?? Yeah, lemme guess, 'Ottawa had the flu'.. Likely excuse.. I'm sorry, but as long as Ottawa is captained by Aldresson and has Lalime in net, they best they will be is exciting in the regular season.. I feel sorry for Spezza, he deserves to play for a good team..

I can't wait to watch Neil chase Marchment around the ice like a moron trying to pick a fight, and ultimatly taking a penalty cause Marchement caught, Havlat, Hossa, and countless others coming across center with their head down..
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