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your kidding!a little tiny cute kenyan!there so cute,i actually was gonna get a few,lol,but i try to stick to bigger snakes,thats why you'll never catch me with a corn or kingsnake and so on...
and about the handler..when i first got into snakes,i had a little rough green snake,and i was scared to touch it at the place,and after i brought it home,it was a ball python that made me not scared of snakes..then of course i got a i am not nervous at all when it comes to snakes,i hold alot of the snakes at the reptile shop near me,i hold my burm all the time.
thats why i decided to move onto bloods,retics and so on..cause i can handle ALOT of pain,so now when i hold my burm,my uncle says"its gonna bite you!) so what i do is put my finger infront of it's mouth,and it just sits there...burms are amazing!i will for sure be getting an albino and 2 het for albinos from henry...i just dont know what to get next,lol..oh,and before i hear those storys about dont get those snakes if you dont know what your doing,and all that crap(no disrespect to anyone that says that)
all i do in my free time is READ READ READ READ READ!i read about every kind of snake,not only the ones i want..i print out pages and make books out of them,lol..and i have alot of pages on the snakes i have and want..just to let everyone know,lol
and thatnks alot Leviathan for answering me,i dont get answers alot..
0.1 ball python, 0.1 B.C.I, 1.0 albino burmese
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