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snake rescue question, please respond

5 days ago I recieved a ball python that had been kept in terrible conditions, it's body was caked in dried feces and the smell made me gag. It looks to be a female, probably wild caught as it was loaded with ticks, it is also a little underweight and dehydrated. The eye scale has large dents in it and there were pieces of unshed skin on it's body. I don't know the whole story on it or how long it's been living in these conditions but apparently the owner got bored with it and left it to die.

I have removed all visible ticks and given the snake a bath to remove all the caked on feces and stuck skin, it looks like the end of her tail is developing necrosis. She is now in a nice warm and humid cage away from activity in my home and is hiding in her hide box.

Onto the questions...

This snake stinks like feces, pretty bad, even after this long. I only washed 'her' down with room-temp water tho. I didn't wanna use anything that could hurt her. What could I use to bathe 'her' to get rid of the smell?

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