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can i get some help please..

ok,i was looking around on the internet for places to order reptiles,i was thinking of ordering from either henry piorun,or port credit pets,they both look professional,but i found this place on the internet..

there prices are amazing,and they have every snake i want,but the problem is if you read at the top,it says

"Our goal is to provide our customers with quality reptiles whether captive born or wild caught.
We will always bring our customers the best possible prices. "

now tell me whats wrong with that?

i would love to order some snakes from them,sweet prices..but would it be safe to order from there?
i dont need to order a baby retic for 40$ from them,and it ends up being a evil little bugger..

can i get some opinions?

cause i will be ordering a few snakes in the next month or 2,some babys,and 1 or 2 pairs of adults for my breeding projects im planning in the future(yes i know,all i do is read read read about breeding)

if you guys think i shouldnt order from here,are there any other places that will ship to montreal canada?and i dont need to make a minimum order of 1000$

let me know..
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