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School help...

Alright, for our senior english project, we have to write a "letter" catching up to an old school mate and telling them about what I've been up to. (set 10 years from now.) So basically, I can be whatever I want. So... I need to talk about where I'm living... I decided on a small island off the coast of (maybe) South Carolina, but the state can change if I don't find any info. Basically, it's just a small island, with really only room for a large house and one small cottage.... My only problem is... um... I need a real, existing island. (it would be so much nicer if I could just fabricate one, there's a ton of little islands in well, all over the world...) I do plan on doing more digging, but, if anyone knows of someplace like this... and has a name/aproximate location, that would be great.

Also, I haven't started on this part, but it also needs to include information on my "strange hobby" that I decided to be growing of carnivorous plants, and my job - a TV herp person (like Steve Irwin but way better.) o.o; I know it's a lot... but really I'm just looking for an island now. Thanks ahead of time if anyone knows anything!

- Hattie
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