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I, too, keep some species together- the horror:-) But, I don't recommend it for people.

Marisa, I agree with what you just said, but I can't just let people research on their own, as we're in the public eye a lot and people constantly ask me what I recommend- which is A) do some reading and B) corn snakes and/or leopard geckos, though I will discuss and recommend a few other species as well. I know from experience that people will do some research, but it won't be very much in most cases. They'll still call or email me if they have problems (even sometimes if I haven't talked to them before, like the friend of my sister's who called me yesterday about their new bearded dragon's eye infection). So I recommend the things that will give them the least problems possible in the hope that it will contribute to a positive experience for them, and for the animal.

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