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Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay vs. Long Island = Long Island in 7.. (Tampa no playoff experience!!)
Boston vs. Montreal = Boston in 6.. (Although I want Montreal to win)
Philly vs. New Jersey = New Jersey in 7.. (Defending champs have too much pride to go out in the first round)
Toronto vs. Ottawa = Toronto in 6.. (Toronto have added more depth and talent, Ottawa's goaltending has been weak lately)

Western Conference

Detroit vs. Nashville = Detroit in 6.. (Detroit is too strong, but TooToo will give them hell!!)
San Jose vs. St. Louis = San Jose in 6..
Vancouver vs. Calgary = Vancouver in 5.. (no Big Bert...but they still have Nasland)
Colorado vs. Dallas = Colorado in 7.. (Goaltending is not the problem in Colorado, it's their Damn coaching!! But with all their talent they will get over their winless streak and get it together in the playoffs...Especially with Forsberg healthy!!)

I look Fear straight in the eyes and laugh my head off!!
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