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NHL Playoffs Are Here!!!

Okay, i know we have a few hockey fans here, and for those of you that aren't.. You can play too (always the ones that know nothing about hockey get the most right)... So, let's have some fun and make some predictions.. (no editing posts at the end of the round please)..

My picks...

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay vs. Long Island = Long Island in 7.. (Yashin is on fire!!)
Boston vs. Montreal = Montreal in 6.. (two words.. Michael Ryder)
Philly vs. New Jersey = Philly in 6.. (Primeau will own Elias)
Toronto vs. Ottawa = Toronto in 6.. (i dont think i need to say anything, but i will.. Bondra.. LMFAO.. Oh yeah, Brian Leetch and Ronnie Franchise!!!)

Western Conference

Detroit vs. Nashville = Nashville in 7.. (Jordin Tootoo has too much heart, he'll take atleast 2 Wings out, with CLEAN hits)
San Jose vs. St. Louis = San Jose in 5.. (San Jose is too strong this year)
Vancouver vs. Calgary = Calgary in 6.. (no Big Bert..)
Colorado vs. Dallas = Dallas in 5.. (no goaltending for Colorado)

Unfortunatly we have to watch two Canadian teams go out in the first round, but it's going to be one of the best 1st rounds of the playoffs in a long time!! Can't wait!!
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