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Originally posted by C.m.pyrrhus
As I take it, pit-vipers do "see" and image with their pits. I cannot find a lot of anything, due to lack of books and so on. Yet what I have found relates the pit vipers as able to make an image of what they see from their pits. The way their heat seeking abilities are set up, being heavily modified over the boids, is picked up by the sight processing and is "formatted" into an image in the brain. Testing was done with rattlesnakes, their pits blocked and showed that an average of only 1/3 of the strikes made their targets. With their pits unblocked and eye sight blocked, they had an improved strike percentage.
think about it man, if vipers do make a mental image of prey, its only a blob of heat, think about how heat travels, and its impossible to imagine heat being able to make a picture, even if the heat pits were connected directly to the brain.
sight touches everything, and heat has to travel on to/in/up there heat pits. It probably not much different to feeling somthing warm by ur lip, except much much more sensitive >(
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