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Nice thing about microscopes is what they can do for the average person. Even looking at an onion peel to look at the chlorophyll is cool. But for us herpers they come in handy. Anyone can get familiar with the different parasites to look for in fecal tests. One should also get familiar with looking at blood cells, other body cells, and other options of what to look for in tests. Fecal tests are just one option out there. It is pretty interesting to say the least at what is available to look at to monitor the health of animals. If you have other animals, such as household cats and dogs, there is even more usuage there for you.

I am far from being an expert, and I know many folks here that can put even more info than I can on this subject. I just wanted to get the point across that there should not be a limit to what you can do. Once learned, microscopes do a good many things.
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