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For as long as can remember my parents have always been very anti reptiles. However my uncle breeds and sells snakes as a hobby so I was introduced to snakes at a very young age. Now that my mom knows that a career with reptiles is what I want to do with my life she has become a bit more supportive. My mom has always said that I would never own a snake as long as I lived with her. I remember going to reptlie show one day with very explict directions on not to buy a snake. But about 2 hrs later I came home with a nice Red - Tail boa. Since than I have added a Bearded Dragon a Tarantula and added 2 more Red-Tails a Speckled King, 2 Florida kings,1 corn snake and 1 Texas Rat to my collection and everytime I bring something home I here this is the last snake coming into my house. But what i always say is you can never have to many snakes.
We may have snakes sticks but you still can't compare that to the craziness of a Homeless person!!
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