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All Ontario Reptile Expo update....

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Just over two weeks away! April 18th should be marked down on every herpers calendar. The All Ontario Reptile Expo will be opening its doors for the first time at its new location. Over 15,000 square feet of reptiles, supplies, feeders, cages and reptile novelty items! A reptile keepers dream date.

Never before has so many vendors been brought together to offer their respective CB reptiles and products. Many of the leading breeders, educators and dealers will be present. Specials galore from crickets to silkworms and from Dart Frogs to Tortoises!

The new facility 2185 Stavebank Road (ST Jons Hall) is located south of Queensway west of HWY #10 (Hurontario St). Its an awesome sight which offers FREE parking for over 200 cars at anytime. The facility is located on a secluded lot across the street from the future Credit River Conservation Trail. One of the most exciting extras the hall provides is the second fllor amphitheatre which will allow us to offer guest speakers once again. The scheduled speakers for the April 18th Expo include Wes Papineaus form the Ottawa area speaking on his efforts with NEWTS. BAZ speaking on his trip to the Madrid Croc Bank. Neil Meister from Nov Scotia representing the Global Gecko Association speaking on his Uroplatus efforts. Our keynote speaker is making his first Canadian appearance to our knowledge. Ralph Davis will be speaking on his Ball Python morphs and then offer a question and answer period to offer his experiences and knowledge on the most popular species of snakes, the Ball Python! All of these talks are included in the price of admission.

Doors open at 9 am and close at 4 pm. Admission is $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for seniors and children.
For more information please feel free to contact us at 905 274 8018 or via email at or check out the website at

FROM THE QEW: Exit on to HWY #10 ( Hurontario Street ) North, Travel North to Queensway. Turn West onto Queensway passing the Trillium Hospital. Turn South onto Stavebank. The entrance is just pass the first stop sign on the east side.
FROM THE 401 and or 403:Exit on to HWY #10 ( Hurontario Street ) South, Travel South to Queensway. Turn West onto Queensway passing the Trillium Hospital. Turn South onto Stavebank. The entrance is just pass the first stop sign on the east side. SEE MAP BELOW!

Vendors List as of April 03rd, 2004
Port Credit Pet Centre “ Reptile Central "
Arboreal Exotics
Quality Captives
Corey Woods
The Monitor Spot
Scotty Allen
Global Exotics
The Ontario Frog Watch
Matt Kameka
Mark Pepper Understory Enterprises
Tails and Scales Rescue
Rob Ward Rodent Broker
Mobile Reptile
Advanced Terrarium Systems
Glass Zoo
The Ontario Turtle and Tortoise Society
Massassauga Recovery Project
Phil Ramos
Walking Rock Mugs - Turtle Haven
High Quality Reptiles
Geeko’s Exotics
Reptile Wrangler
The Reptile Store
JD Terrariums
Julie Tougas Specialty Exotics
Jesse Deluca
Markus Jayne Ball Pythons
Capitol Dragons
Reptile Amazone
Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre
Mice 4 You
Modern Dinosaurs
Reptile Rainforest
Scrappy Dragons
Exotic Wings n Things
Woodland Edge Herps
Canadian Feeders
Habitarium Reptile Enclosures
Urban Gecko
Tarzet Reptiles
Reptile Rascals
Sheila Platt Dragons
Tropical Expressions
Marty McManus
Strictly Constrictors
Jurassic Jungle
Neil Meister - Geckos
Painted Desert Geckos
Generasian Exotics
Northern Gecko
Reptiles Canada
Canadian Coldblooded
Gilliards Herps Canada
Jaysons Reptiles and Driftwood
Sciensational Snakes
and more....

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<i>I hope to see you there!</i>
Grant Crossman

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