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Originally posted by BoidKeeper
They stay smaller so there for they will be cheaper to house. Cost saving is important when first entering the hobby for some people...

Although flighty at first they calm down and take well to being handled unlike most balls that remain head shy...

...If the air is a bit dry it won't have shedding problems as bad as a ball will. 60% humidity is very high if you think about it. Your home's humidity is not that high so you need to make sure you tank will hold in the humidity.
Corns are only smaller in mass, they generally attain the same lengths as balls, and are more active, so really they would benefit from a larger enclosure than a Ball.

I've met some nasty corns that didn't calm down with any amount of handling from their owners. Bitey balls are few and far between.

I just keep my balls at room humidity, which is certainly not 60%, and they shed perfect every time (although a few years ago it used to be, but we replaced the furnace and it didn't come with a humidifier like the last one had). I'm going to have to disgaree with the statement of everyone's home not being 60%. In the summer, my house easily reaches that, and in many places in the states it is that high, or even exceeding that, year round.

All that being said, I still do not advocate Ball Pythons for first snakes. Although for some people they may be fine, this isn't the case with most people. All you have to do is glance in any ball python forum to see what I mean. The same questions over and over about how their ball python won't eat, sheds badly, etc. Even with a lot of research, these issues still pose frustrations and concnerns for a first time keeper.

Corns are fine for starters, if you like them. They are quite tolerant of husbandry errors (although we hope these aren't made, they often are) and generally have a healthy appettite. There are many other snakes that are equally as good as well that shouldn't be forgotten as a prosective first snake
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