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Question Which do you think is a better first snake and why, Corns or Balls?

Here is why I think a Corn snake is a better first snake then a Ball Python.

Although there are a lot of CBB balls on the market there are even more CBB corns so it's easier to get a CBB snake.

They stay smaller so there for they will be cheaper to house. Cost saving is important when first entering the hobby for some people.

As adults they eat mice. Although you can feed them hopper rats they will do fine on mice unlike an adult ball which will take forever to get to it's adult size if you try and raise it on mice. Mice are generally easier to get and cheaper so therefore I say that corns are easier to feed.

Corns take F/T with out half the difficulty as balls.

Corns only seldom go off food in the breeding season. Most balls go off food like clockwork with or with out being cycled.

If you're so inclined corns are easier to breed.

Although flighty at first they calm down and take well to being handled unlike most balls that remain head shy.

They don't have the higher temp and humidity requirements that balls do. So if your home's ambient is a bit cool it won't affect a corn like it would a ball. If the air is a bit dry it won't have shedding problems as bad as a ball will. 60% humidity is very high if you think about it. Your home's humidity is not that high so you need to make sure you tank will hold in the humidity. 10g tanks and heat lamps won't do this. That same set up although not ideal will work a lot better with a corn then it will with a ball. It can work with a ball yes but it will take more effort to make it work then it would with a corn.

A very interesting corn morph can be bought for only a fraction of the price of that of a ball. You can start out into corns with an albino or even a Lavender but a newbie will almost never be able to start out into the hobby with an Albino ball or a spider.

So now it's your turn. If you agree with my OPINIONS as to why corns make a better first snake please say so. Also please add other reasons that I may have missed.
If you disagree and feel that balls make a better first snake then a corn please list your reasons for thinking so, who knows you might even change my mind!
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