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Ha Ha , does anyone on here feed pigs?? Even too the largest of there pythons?? Just wondering, I mean Iíve heard people say it before as in "they get big enough too eat pigs" but normally from people who are against keeping these large animals and misleading others (no accusation intended at all too you Trevor) just wondering if anybody does it. Biggest Iíve ever seen used were large rabbits. I agree with the rest of the post they are some of the largest (actually I believe they hold the records?) and are definitely not for beginners, but Pigs I believe is a bit of over kill used for scare tactics most of the time. If Iím wrong please correct me.
Also as for the best first herp I would have too say Balls are the best (snake wise), much less flighty then any corns Iíve seen, Leoís are nice as well, but require more cleaning, and crickets, but defiantly one of the top beginner herps as well.
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