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Originally posted by Ontario_herper
I was wondering what species you find do not need a hide? I'm not talking about species or animals that appear fine without a hide. But what species do you know of that will not hide or would not benefit from a hide?
Ok, it was addressed to Mykee, but I can answer this one as well. True most snakes don't *need* a hide, and will do fine without them, many will still use one if given. Personally, most of my snakes don't get added hides because they do just fine hiding under substrate (be it Carefresh, newspaper, or whatnot) if they want to. I have a fwe snakes that do not make use of hides at all when they have been offered. My female Jamaican Boa sits in her perches day and night, only coming down when there is a rat on the ground, male on the other hand would rather hide than climb. My old ETB never used hides. He had an access hole under his water dish. Found him there once and scared Either way though, hides are definitely not a must in most cases for any species, as they can obviously thrive without them, but this is not to say they don't have their place either.
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