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i dont know about everywhere else in canada,but at the world gym,you can take courses and tests.And they either provide you with the books,or you get them on your own,and a personal trainer can make 80$ an hour,to 150$ an hour,cause trainers will have to learn how to train someone to get lean and cut,train them for mass(bulky)you even sometimes have to know how to train someone for hockey,football and all that,to focus on certain parts of the body..i have trained a few guys that play in the montreal CFL football team,just for an example..then when you finish the studying,and tests,you become a personal trainer,and if its the world gym doing it,you even get hired there sometimes,but you still get paid from the people you train..80$ an hour,2 hours per say 4 customers a day,hmm,thats 320$ a day,and personal trainers are pretty busy,lol..but thats just from my can be differint in ontario..hope i helped at least a little..
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