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LMAO at Ryan's post! BTW my bumperstickers don't quite read like Ryan says, but maybe thats the translation in the Cops manual LOL. I'm seriously thinking about losing the gunlaw one though. Principles aren't nessicarily worth getting shot for. Not in reguards to a traffic violation anyhow. Yeah I should govern it to 110 km until I get those demerit points off. Even on the first little stretch of Deerfoot where its only 80 km I'll be doing like 100 km (if I get a ticket going 30 km or more over I lose my license DOH!) & trying to go slower & little old ladies are going by me at 120 km tooting their horns & waving their fists. My how things have changed LOL! I guess I'll just have to be my usual upstanding citizen self for the next while Heh Heh Mark
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