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Don't feel sorry for my fine Marisa I know the law & I can accept it. I should try to keep it under 80 mph anyhow. I'd worry for your friend though & advise he get help before he gets shot or something LOL
Katt I drive fast when safe to do so & only on highways etc. In residential etc. I drive like a senior LOL Last thing I want to do is hurt some kid & ruin both our lives. Also in at times of dusk/dawn in areas where wildlife is a factor. The last thing me & some Bull Moose or a Pheasant wants/needs is for him to be through my windshield & in my lap. Mind you it really sucks to have a tire blow at 150 km I'll tell you what! Remember Kids Speed can kill yep.
Big Mike we too have the dreaded "MultiNova" or photoradar. They are usually not too hard to spot, usually because they are snapping pictures as fast as the camera can take them. It makes it really easy at night when all ya see is brakelights & flashes going LOL They like to use tricks all the time too though. Like put up 70 Km signs for construction when there is none & setup the multiNova there at night when everyones doing 120km+ I wonder how many images one of them things hold. Maybe they have a modem link & just keep downloading them to Headquarters DOH!
Anyone that "drives" & has driven the "Deerfoot 500" knows that it is a road built to "move" with the exceptions of the Calfrobe bridge DOH! I always thought it was the Calfrope bridge actually because it is 3 lanes all tied up just like a calves 3 legs in Calfroping LOL.
Anyhow for those of us who "Need to Speed!" keep it where its meant to be, as for me I have to go slow now, until I get some demerits off my license anyway. ; ) Mark
P.S. I forgot that we also have the Redlight cameras as well, but anyone that thinks they are a bad thing has a problem. Running red ones is bound to "stop ya" in a most unpleasant way.
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