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HAHA We have this friend who is totally straight. By that I mean never breaks the law, has a good attitude towards cops, good citizen, in college and works and helps his families farm, etc. But he speeds.

On top of speeding he has a weird problem with fear when he gets pulled over. He gets very scared and can't pull over. He runs. Twice now he has run from the police for no reason as they were only pulling him over for speeding slightly or broken lights. Both times he has had a car chase, then got out of the car and tried to hide in two buildings. Once the cop pulled his gun on him and my friend actually threw up. It's obvious when they check in to him he is no criminal, has no illegal items and is legitamitly scared for some reason. LOL. But it has gotten him in lots of trouble.

Sorry for your fine! That sucks. Out of all the speeders we all wonder why its us that gets pulled over when we do

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