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I don't think you could even merge onto Deerfoot until you hit 120 kph. I'm sure there are better things a cop could be doing that pulling over one of the 150000 speeders that go by.

Try living in Edmonton...before photo radar became popular, we had the highest speeding ticket per capita in North America, not because we all speed but because that is all the cops were told to do. It was really weird going to Calgary or Vancouver and seeing all these people speed around will little fear of getting's not like that in Edmonton.

Funny story...a buddy of mine was pulled over and held a gun point by the cops because his black Japanese sports car matched the description of a wanted car...they told him to get out of the car but the lock was broken and he had to use the window (Dukes of Hazard style)...try telling that to cops when they have their guns pointed at you...
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