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You know you are driving fast when...

You know you are probably driving too fast when the Cops first words when he pulls ya over on Deerfoot Trail (Calgary's freeway) are "Hands in the air, you are under arrest" as his "piece" is clearing leather DOH! Ya its funny now. Wasn't so funny when It happpened. I was all "Don't shoot! It's only my wallet" as the Cop screamed demands like "Keep your hands where we can see em!" Anyhow long story short, didn't get arrested (as orginally promised), truck didn't towed, didn't get charged criminally for dangerous driving (been there, done that DOH!) & tickets weren't issued for excessive speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes etc. etc. etc. Cops actual words were "I hope you have a real good lawyer because I'm going to see to it that you & him spend lots of time together in court" As he explained to me that he was going to charge me with every offence he could possibly think of (ya he was having a bad day)Anyhow once the officers calmed down somewhat (the next day actually) I was only charged with "Careless Driving" a $400+ fine & 6 demerits on my license (lose it at 15 & they stay on for 2 full years from conviction date). Anyhow it was enough for the Govt. to send me a threatening letter right away Heh Heh.
Moral of the story: Don't pull over & wait for the Cops to catch up as they will probably be all POed & want to charge you with a bunch of offences or something. Either that or don't drive down Deerfoot going 95 mph. Mark
P.S. Proof that attitude does matter. I was all "Yes Sir, No Sir" etc. & the Cop said thats all that saved me. Little does he know that I was only so polite because I though he might shoot me LOL
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