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Simpsons is the big one for me. The World Of Springfield Interactive is what I go for. For those of you who don't know they have chips in the feet of the characters & certain charcters are compatible with certain enviroments. When a compatible character is placed on a compatible enviroment & the button is pushed they talk & say different things depending on where they are at (School, Moes Tavern, Powerplant etc. etc. etc.). TOO COOL I have almost all the playsets (missing a couple recent ones) & tons of loose figures to play with. I also have every "carded" figure for the first 15 series (there are 6 to a series) & many of the exclusives as well. If I sold all my Simpsons I could have a nice sized downpayment for a house or a lot more room in my basement LOL. I have a whack of Spawn figures too, but I only buy certain figures that I think are cool. With the Simpsons its a MUST HAVE for almost everyone though DOH! Mark
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