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I've never had occassion to use the mouse maker BUT... I believe it specifies "prey item" or "food item" rather than rodent. Since T-Rex developed it and also developed "Snake Sausages" there might be a pretty signifigant link there.

I HAVE used Lizard Maker. I'm a big fan of Candoia sp. (especially aspera) and neonates can frequently be pains to get started. While frog scented pinks have given me the best success rate, I tried the Lizard maker a few times and it worked pretty well on stubborn feeders. I've got a buddy who deals with a lot of kingsnakes who reports similar success. It's not 100% for those little guys who are holding out for frogs or lizards but I had about 90-95% success getting mine to take scented pinks when using the stuff.
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