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Originally posted by daver676
My bp digests it's food in the same period of time as an UTH bp, and is provided a heat gradient (which it uses), so what leads you to believe that your heating method is better then mine?
daver676, there was certainly no attack on your method in my post. I stated that a UTH is better because I trust the people on this forum who have been keeping BPs for a lot longer than I have, who suggest that a UTH is better. I have used both methods. In my early days owning my BP, who was my first snake, I didn't even know there were such things as UTHs, so I used a lamp for a heat source. I then switched to a UTH once I became more informed about how snakes use heat. I do know that in the wild snakes use belly heat by lying on rocks that have been warmed by the sun. Diurnal species also get heat from the sun as you suggested in your post. Since a BP is a nocturnal species, it makes sense to me to use belly heat.
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