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Unhappy Finally happened--snake tagged me

It happened yesterday, one of my snakes tagged me. It was my ball python, which is funny because he is the most docile of my snakes.

I should have know he was in a weird mood. He had rearranged the contents of his enclosure and was more active than usual. I was putting his water dish back to where I like it and trying to get the newspaper substrate to flatten out...then he tagged my finger. He came out of his hide cave and about a foot & a half in a flash. I've never seen him strike for prey or anything that far before.

I had not been anywhere around mice or rodents but I had just been feeding crickets to the lizards. Maybe that was part of the reason?

It wasn't painful but it's not a tickle either. It bled for a while and today my knuckle is a little purple. I instinctively yanked my hand out and scratched it on the screen top as well.

Well, at least I'm not a newbie anymore
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