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Originally posted by Auskan
A *much* cheaper way of heating (and better for your BP too) is an under the tank heater.
I'd love to see some proof of this (the UTH is better for your bp part), as opposed to just hearsay. Plenty of people use overhead heat (probably more then use UTH). The heat from the sun is their primary heat source in the wild, so why not overhead heat in captivity? Makes sense to me. My bp digests it's food in the same period of time as an UTH bp, and is provided a heat gradient (which it uses), so what leads you to believe that your heating method is better then mine?

An UTH IS more efficient, and it's the perfect way to provide heat in a rubbermaid, but we are talking about a single snake here. The difference in electricity would be pennies.

As far as I'm concerned, you can provide the proper heat gradient for the snake using either method. The only one would can tell us which is better is the snake......
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