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I think most breeders want their animals to go to a good home. Most breeders want to make sure that the animals that they put a lot of time and hard work into producing stay alive long enough to live out their lives in as comfortable as possible and maybe even breed when they are old/big enough. However, on the flip side if you have 100 extra hatchlings sitting around that you have to feed and clean atleat once a week so are usually happy to find someone willing to take 25-50 of them at a time (you'll find this out when you have 50 Jungle Carpets and 75 Brazilian Rainbows sitting their and they all want to bite the crap out of you everytime you open up the cage to feed and clean them).

As far as pricing goes it is different for everyone. This is what I consider to be high, medium and low end.

High end anything over $15,000 US
Medium $5000-15,000 US
low end $1000-5000 US
Extremely low end $100-1000 CDN.

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