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I personally I haven't used it. I have heard though that such pet store items are ususally unnecessary and a waste of money. If you want to make a mouse smell more, get some used bedding and rub your mouse in it.

Well, I'm assuming that you are feeding F/T rodents. I have a Kenyan Sand Boa who was very finicky about taking to F/T. I have always thawed my rodents in hot tap water. Well, for my KSB, I have learned that if I let it thaw on the counter and than heat it up under a lamp he'll take it. This way the water doesn't wash off the scent.

Possibly look in the ball python forum (I know that you don't have one). But, since they are known to be at times non-eaters, there are many threads there on tricks to get your snake to eat.

Also telling us more information about your husbandry would help a great deal as well.
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