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The Getting Bitten Reflex

Hahaha I'm proud! Today I went to the pet store and was buying my monthly round of mice. It wasn't too packed so I took my time, going over, as I do as often as I can, their care procedures and cage cleanliness. They're actually doing alot better now that I reported them to the humane society.

So anyways, they had a Ball Python and three different rat snakes. No one was really in the store so I asked him if I could play with one. He brought out two of them, one reletively docile and then one Leucistic Texas Ratsnake that was still young but only like a year old.

As everyone knows I'm getting 1.1 Neonate ATB's lol So I thought, if I still have that getting bitten reflex, I might hurt my new snakes and gave the leucy my hand, it bit me like crazy, and I didn't even flinch.

Hehehe I know it's nothing to be real proud of being as it was just a rat snake. However, I've only been bitten like twice lol

That's my little pathetic story! lol But I'm proud all the same. And it really was a gorgeous snake
"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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