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You have to advertise your reptiles in Canada by educating people on why they make good pets, display items etc. There isnt enough education up here to get people interested. We have some good educators yes, but theres a reason the industry isn't catching on. Personally I think there needs to be more privatized reptile stores. Not the large chains doing 3 time markups on sickly reptiles. That just gives reptiles the label of being high maintenance, and hard to care for. Working at stores I've dealt with the general public, most of which feel reptiles become sick and die for unexplained reasons. Now, obviously we all know that most of these cases are explainable, and its probably related to husbandry. So, if anyone decides they want to sell reptiles, they should really do more in the way of educating people, and also explain the pros and cons of captive bred to wild caught. (I know hes not canadian, But i figured id comment)
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