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well we got an iguana from a friend who was going to the states to get a hadgehog, she was going to get one for me too, and when she got back, she gave me my hedgehog, and an iguana, she fit inside of a shoebox, and now shes about as wide as one....but that didnt get me into herps, last december i went to a pet store for some dog food with my mom and i was looking at the lizards and decided that i wanted a little lizard for in my room...i kept asking for the chameleon but she said no, so i bought a leopard gecko, but i was unhappy that it slept under it's rock all day and it wasnt eating properly, so i took him back and got the jacksons chameleon, i brought it home and about 1 week later she had 13 babies!!!....and not only that i figured out that she was a werners chameleon, so i sold all the babies except one and with that money bought me some veileds, and now i just cant stop buying herps!!! ahhhh!
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