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It would be listed as "additional income" for me, but it is best to consult with someone who does taxes and determine what is best for your situation. Florida has no state income tax, so I'm talking about federal tax returns.

This is hobby for me and not my sole source of income (if it ever becomes "self supportive" I'll be happy! LOL). It is not imparative that I sell anything so I can wait out the market so to speak. I am also selective in who I sell to due to my concern for the snakes and have turned down sales for that reason. I basically try to weed out the "impulse buyers" that haven't done a lick of research and have no idea of how to care for the animal. I also try to limit the number of babies produced. Obviously I can't control the number per litter, but I can control the number of females I try to breed per season. For us, the "hard work" is not in the breeding, but in getting the neonates started and well established. LOL

I wonder at what $$ amount folks consider animals to fall into the catagories of "low end", "middle" and "high end". I'm specifically interested in CBB animal prices and not WC or CB. Might be an Interesting poll!?!
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