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There are 33 million people in Canada, 8 million of which live in two cities alone. Of those 33 million how many keep snakes as pets? Of those people how many spend over a hundred dollars on a snake? Of those how many already have adult BRBs and JCPs? Do you see where I'm going with this? We don't have a huge herp following in this country because we don't have a large population. As a result of our low population we don't have a large market to sell snakes to.
Take NB for example, 750,000 people, I figure there about 50 snake keepers in the province, I personaly know at least 25 of them. Of those 25 at least 23 have corns already. So if that bad in NB how bad is it in the rest of the country?
What is the best way to go about selling them?
So to answer your question, whole sale to a large business or pet shop. Selling the whole litter and clutch at a time is best.
A lot of the bigger breeders in Canada do it that way. However, it depends on what you're selling? Will I whole sale my BRBs? Yes. Will I whole sale my Hogs or albino ball hets? No. Some things are worth haning on to so that you can get top dollar. Also depends who is already breeding what you're breeding. You mentioned BRBs and JCPs, Jeff Favelle's and Don Patterson both sell those same animals, you'd be competting with them, whole sale might be starting to sound better.
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