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Angry I can't believe this!!


I don't know if you guys have heard of this but here in quebec we have a new french version of 'fear factor'. The only difference is they dont make the people eat gross stuff.

My dad is currently watching it and I can't believe my eyes!! Here is the challenge: The contestants are strapped down to a chair that will rotate on itself (the back of the chair is attached to a wall). They insert their head in a plastic box and leave the top open. A man will put 4 types of animals, first he puts cockroaches, he closes the top and makes the chair spin 3 times slowly. He then adds tarantulas (without removing the cockroaches), he spins him again. Then come the snakes (about 10 snakes) which are added to the rest of the animals already in that box. After the 3 spins he introduces some lizards (didnt see what kind...) another 3 spins and here comes the worst! He adds a dozen or so LIVE MICE!!! WTF!?!? He spins the contestant a final 3 times and if the contestant didnt quit he goes to the final challenge.

Is there something we can do to stop this kind stupid and useless TV or atleast make them stop using animals in their 'stunts'?

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