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My daughter's Brownie troop had the "Snake Lady" for a show one time (3 or 4 years ago) here in London. We got to hold a Milk snake so that peeked my interest. A short time later I got heavily into fish keeping and ended up with an empty 20 gallon tank. Well, we couldn't have an empty tank just lying around doing nothing, now could we! LoL! So, I thought I might put something in it that wasn't a fish. I started searching out reptiles that could be housed in a tank that size... Leopard Geckos, Anoles, Grass lizards, etc. I couldn't decide on anything. All the lizards I liked got too big.

Then one day, our family was at SuperPet and a woman had two adult Ball Pythons with her. I was very impressed with them but didn't consider that I might be able to keep them. I went down the fish aisle to browse, came back and my daughter (9 at the time) had one of the Balls draped around her neck! He was just chillin and my daughter loved him! As soon as we got home, I got online and started to read as much as i could about them. The rest is history.
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