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I completely agree, and am super happy to see that other herpers have discovered Dollarama.. There are other dollar stores, but it's the best by far.
I buy dozens of those little Ramakin bowls... They are 2 for a buck and just great for raising babies. They are ideal for adult rosies, and sand boas as well, things that you don't want soaking.

They even have a 3 for a buck Ramakin, with a blue lip. Those are an exceptionally good deal and great for babies in show boxes.
I might mention power cords too. If you need to wire heat tape, just get a one buck power cord and cut the female end off... They have cube taps and other electrical stuff all for a buck.
Dollarama has great tools as well for occasional herp use. They have some great tape measures for only a buck, I just bought a few... I also buy my paint brushes, sand paper and all kinds of stuff there, including brooms and dust pans, oh yeah, and incense!
And How about Mars and Snickers bars, 2 for a buck. You need that sugar kick when doing a power cleaning session. Batteries for the walkman too
They should just call the place Herp-o-rama LOL

Rens feed in Oakville is great if you can get there. I buy all my mouse chow and Beta chip and Aspen there... It's surprisingly cheap.. Huge bags of Aspen, Alpha and Beta Chip, all under 10 bucks.

I use alot of bark for hides. It gives the wife and I an excuse for exercise. We go for "bark walks" where we look for old dead elm or similar.
It's free and beats buying endangered Cork, which is very expensive. By the way, I never clean the bark other than brushing it off with a Dollarama paint brush.. LOL
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