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Originally posted by SilverTongue
AWESOME babies
Thank ya Silver... Rick has always had a great selection and he takes such good care of all of his babies... won't sell one unless it has proven to be a good feeder, etc. We are thrilled... course the female milk had to nail Tay twice on each hand just to say good bye... LOL... viscious little minx...

Milks were great... but just so lightning fast and these were just NASTY tempered... just love the personalities of the Boids and of all the Colubrid family.. we love the Corns the best... well right after the e. Indigo... which he is establishing a fantastic breeding room right now... our name is at the top of that list.. lemme tell ya. They are breathtaking.

Anyhoo... thanks for the kind words ya'll..

Jon & Tay
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