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what the hell? ive never stolen christmas lights lol. I am in my teenage years.
Never? You missed out...

Between the years of the 4th and 6th grade, my friends,brother and I would make a trip to the town Christmas tree one night. This was years ago when I lived in Colorado.

The tree was on the property of the town bank on a corner downtown. There was a small 3 foot brick wall running around the bank along the sidewalk. We would all take as many of the lights as we could reach, and place them in a small container. We would hide behind the wall and toss lights out at traffic and people walking out at night. Some people would walk by, then would come...BOOM BOOM BANG CRASH BOOM BANG.....startled the hell out of them. Cars were the funnest though. I remember we took a bunch of these lights on one of the buildings roofs nearby and threw them down at cars one year...LMAO... Folks would brake hard..jump out and look everywhere for us and scream like mad. We had the greatest time of the winter laughing our asses off like crazy.
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