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I was thinking about filling one with concrete just to see what would happen.
Actually, I watched on TV a while back how an older man had done this.......

Some punks (young kids) were smashing his mailbox and smashing his garbage can with their car a few times a month. He had taken some video of it after a few times and getting so pi$$ed about it, but I believe got nowhere with it. So he gets this idear.

He redoes his mailbox, again, but this time made the support beam with solid steel pole, and concealed that to make it look as if the whole thing were made from wood. He then also takes his garbage can a filled it a good will cement. That is one heavy thing to contend with.

So here come the youngins later on a few days... This time he had video taped it as well. Just watching the kids smashing the mailbox was great. Bet it hurt like hell. Then here comes this car to plow through the garbage can...and WHAM!!! Car comes to a sudden stop. Kids hitting the windshield...dismay everywhere. If I can remember, a few kids had bailed out of the car while limping to get away...LMAO. Just to see the look on their faces as they hit the can would have been priceless....

It turns out it had been a few groups of kids, as I remember a few cars coming around trying to destroy his property ever so often. The whole problem came to an end. Smart ol' man he was. I do think he got in a bit of trouble for that though.
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