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The Follies of DigiCams

Snapped this shot today. This is Daytona, my male blood red corn. The first pic is an undoctored, (but cropped), photo whilst the second is my five minute wrestling with Photoshop to get the right shade and darkness. Unfortunately, not all cameras are made alike. Vanan's Nikon 885 has this love of reds and as you can see pics up these reds and shows them as neon. Be wary of pics that show unreal colouration, b/c most likely, it's the camera showing intense colour.

The way some of these photos turn out when we first download makes me laugh, just because the red is so unreal!

Pic As Is

<img src="">

As you can see this colour, is not that unbelievable, but still, no where near the red Daytona actually is. This bottom pic dulls him out, but I think a dull pic is a better pic than a pic that shows unnatural colouration.

<img src="">

Even "fixing" the photo doesn't show this snakes true colour, but at least Daytona doesn't look like a lamp for the red light district.
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